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26. 1. 2018

Tiny Wins

Joel Califa

Demystifying CSS alignment

Patrick Brosset

SSH Tunnel - Local and Remote Port Forwarding Explained With Examples

19. 1. 2018

Taking Off Your NameTag

Eric Lawrence

Say Thanks to the Libraries you Depend on

Ryan Weaver

Pagination Done the Right Way

Markus Winand

12. 1. 2018

A Minimalist Guide to SQLite

Mark Litwintschik

Migrations: getting there faster

Leon Fayer

Meltdown a Spectre - nahlédnutí do útrob procesoru


5. 1. 2018

Bypassing HSTS or HPKP in Chrome is a badidea

Scott Helme

Flight rules for Git

Kate Hudson


Rundeck, Inc.

29. 12. 2017


CZ Podcast


CZ Podcast

How to Use Local Storage with JavaScript

Tania Rascia


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