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20. 5. 2016

The most powerful git feature you're not using yet

John Kary

How to Write a Git Commit Message

Chris Beams

10 GIT Tips and Tricks

Sebastian Feldman

13. 5. 2016

Electron 1.0

Jessica Lord

Makefiles for Everyone

Chris Bednarski


Marcin Kulik

6. 5. 2016

Caching best practices

Jake Archibald

Jak se žije v Rockaway

CZ Podcast

Automated Continuous Integration Setup for Graceful and Zero-Downtime Node App Deployment using GitHub, PM2, Digital Ocean, and SemaphoreCI


29. 4. 2016

Nástroje pro analýzu rychlosti načtení stránky

Martin Michálek

Pohádka o klonovaných discích s LVM


Tools for debugging, testing and using HTTP/2

John Graham-Cumming

22. 4. 2016

Force accurate indentation in Git commits

Mikko Koivunalho

How Letterspacing Can Make All Caps Easier to Read


Installing and Getting Started with Cordova

Mark Brown


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